Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My eyes!

I have been interested in Lasik for a very long time but did not have the guts to try it out as the technology was still new and I didn't know anybody who had done it before. However, after 10 years of wearing spectacles and 8 years of contact lens, I decided to go ahead and check out the option of 'lasering' my eyes. Was looking forward to getting rid of my spectacles and contact lens! :)

I asked around and my friend recommended Optimax to me; they had a good track record and the newest technology in town. I checked them out and liked what I saw so I went for the first checkup. They patiently explained all the options to me and gave good advice, so I decided to go ahead and take the plunge!

They arranged a follow up checkup 2 weeks later. It went well and I agreed to have the procedure for Standard Intralase done 1 week later.

I had the procedure done in the TTDI branch. Everyone was very professional and service was good as well. The doctor explained what was going to happen and what I should and should not do during the procedure - that was really helpful as I knew exactly what to do and the main thing was not to panic! :) Everything was over in just 30 minutes and I could go home to recuperate.

To my delight, I could actually see properly the very next day! It was great and I've never looked back since that day. I had a slight dry eye problem and Optimax looked after me for 6 months with no additional cost.

I did the procedure in July 2008 and it's been almost 3 years since that fateful day. I've never experienced any vision problems and all my yearly checkups with Optimax have gone well. I love my freedom and the fact that I don't need to depend on any instruments to aid my vision. Having perfect vision makes such a big difference in my life - travelling is now a breeze and I can go snorkelling without the fear of losing my contact lens in the deep blue sea!

The moment I will remember forever is seeing my daughter clearly for the very first time when she was born (can you imagine wearing contact lens or spectacles during labour?!). I am grateful to Optimax for giving me this opportunity to really enjoy little moments such as these. Here's to many more years of giving vision back to the people!

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